Top 5 Music Sites to Listen to Music Online

Music is something that has an innate ability to connect everyone. Almost all of us have a liking to certain genre of  music and we often surf the Internet to feed our ears and heart with the songs belonging to that specific genre. We crave to have a per-selected list of sites for e.g. “Top 5 music sites to listen to music online” that can streamline our quest for good music.

So, we sat out and analyzed the websites offering online music listening experience and sorted them out on the basis of their pros and cons. Since last few years have seen an influx in their number and many new ones have sprouted up on the internet, we put them through a series of parameters and tests. Here are those who made it to our list of TOP 5 WEBSITES TO LISTEN TO MUSIC ONLINE.

  1. Spotify:

This one has cut across all others to cement it’s way to the top.

It is compatible across a number of devices and has a desktop and mobile application too! It works well with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Lets us quickly analyse it’s pros and cons.

best music sites to listen music online spotify


  • Website interface is simple , and sleek. You won’t find any clutter.
  • All the music available is free.
  • Unlimited customisable playlists. It can also find playlists by sorting them according to your moods, from your friends’ playlists , your history of listening etc.
  • Sound quality is in High Definition.
  • It can also play the music on your hard disk.
  • You can share what you are listening on Facebook.


  • You have to buy premium version for a better sound quality, for advertisement-less experience.
  • Song skipping is limited to 1 song/minute.
  • Advertisements hinder your listening experience unless you buy the premium version.
  1. Tune in radio:

If there is any website offering live radio stations with zero glitches and best sound quality, it’s Tune in radio. The variety it offers is simply filled with grandeur.

If you browse through its website, you will get addicted to it within minutes.

tunein top music sites to listen to music online

Let us quickly sum up its ups and downs-


  • All the stations are free.
  • More than 1,15,000 live radio stations in its kitty.
  • No user account required.
  • Interface is as smooth as silk!
  • Option to save, customise and follow stations based on their genres.
  • You can share the stations on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Stations come with the links to buy the song they are playing/you are listening.
  • Option to post and read comments left by users on radio stations.


  • It offers radio stations not specific songs.
  • Sound quality is variable with different stations.
  1. Pandora

This one scores on customisation as it offers you stations according to the type of music you have listened to in the past, automatically! No other website on this list offers you this degree of automatic sorting. Here are it’s pros and cons

best online music sites


  • Create your own customised radio station which will list the songs of your favourite artist, genre, and the songs which are like the songs to which you previously listened to!
  • Well balanced user interface.
  • Totally free streaming.
  • Facebook sharing of your preferences is possible.
  • Combining two stations of your choice is a cakewalk.
  • Biographies of artists can be viewed.
  • Facebook like newsfeed.
  • Millions of soundtracks.


  • Song skipping is curtailed to a limit.
  • Lots of visual and audible advertisements.
  • User account creation is compulsory.
  1. Soundcloud

The thing which sets it apart from others in the list is the ability to upload your own original music on this website and share it on social media. It’s a very unique feature and provides a vent for struggling artists. Also, it broadens up your choices for a variety of songs.

Coming to its pros and cons we have-


  • Upload your own music and share it on social media.
  • Highly unique and refined genres to choose from like Dubstep, Ambient, Ethnic, Country etc.
  • No advertisements.
  • Diverse content.
  • Podcasts can be heard too!
  • Customised playlists.
  • Unlimited track repetition.
  • Comments can be left for new and old artists alike!


  • Popular commercial artists and their songs are limited.
  • The interface is not that streamlined if compared with the other websites in this list.
  1. Incus tunes:

This one offers an incredibly high number of tracks. It has more number of tracks then all the above websites combined! The pros and cons list will give a more deep idea-


  • It’s totally free.
  • Highest no. of songs than any other website.
  • More than 30 million original music videos and covers.
  • Upcoming artists can upload their music on the site.
  • Free account access.
  • Customised playlist creation.


  • Cluttered interface.

So, we have made available the plus and minus of the top 5 music streaming websites. Now , its upto you to make a informed choice. Go music lovers , unleash your horns! Happy listening!


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