Top 5 Party Anthems For All Of You

It’s  said that good music is the baseline for every kind of party but we often bicker about the music when we want to groove at any such occasion. Seldom it happens that everyone agrees to the same soundtrack. Even the Disc jockeys remain confused about the playlists they should choose so that it appeals to everyone. They all struggle to cut it short to the Top party anthems loved globally.

Making everyone hit the dance floor, sway to the rhythms of your playlist can be a really uphill task.i the tracks need to have the right blend of energy, tune, equal balance of high and low pitched notes along with some really hard hitting beat at their helm. They need to connect with their audience. So , we bring to you the top 5 of the greatest party numbers this world has ever witnessed. Scroll down the list and then update your musical playlists to include these peppy and subtle numbers which have made the world dance to their rhythm ever since they were released  and continue to do so! Here they are

Best Party Anthems in The World:

  • PARTY ALL THE TIME by Eddie Murphy (1985)

The song instantly became a rage and scaled all the music charts in a few days of its release. Belonging to the contemporary R&B genre, it had an intrinsic groove smeared feel to it. A work of Eddie Murphy and Rick James, it remains a the song to go to in case you want your party to be really upscale. The song is about the pain of a person when his girlfriend dances with other guys, is unfaithful and ungrateful to him at the same time! Go and swing your body to its groovy beats!

  • PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR by Shop Boyz (2007)

Nominated for the best rap performance at the Grammy’s , the song was an interspersed version where Rock meets Hip hop. It was an instant hit across U.S.A. , Europe and many countries of South Asia along with Africa. Those who know about the video game NBA live 2008 ,must be familiar with it being present in the game itself. The song featured references to some of the great rock artists including Marilyn Manson, Bruce Springsteen etc. The fast paced, rock music laden tinge associated with the song will instantly make you hit the dance floor.

  • The “PARTY ROCK ANTHEM” by LMFAO (2011)

The song had a global surge. We bet you that once you play it, you won’t be able to stop your feet from swinging to its beats. It also featured Lauren Bennett and Goon Rock. It shouldn’t be just called a song. It’s a party to the ears, to your entire body. The thump wil make you go crazy. Many people dance on it like they have gone nuts!

  • GET THE PARTY STARTED by Pink (2011)

The song was a benchmark in Pinks career. Some people dubbed it as the ultimate party hopper. It won the MTV best dance song award and was nominated to the Grammy’s. Even the music video which featured both Pink and the songs composer Linda Perry has won many awards. It showed how Pink tried hard to get ready for a party surviving all the hiccups that fall in between her sojourn! The song was loved by the youth and kids alike!

  • ON THE FLOOR by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pit bull (2011)

I bet you cannot stop yourself from dancing at this electro – house mix. Featuring a rap by Pitbull , the song had an uncanny party feel attached to it. Even the Pitbull raps to the beats which always thump harder and harder each time JLO comes into the picture. It has a whooping tempo of 130 beats per minute! It topped the music charts in 30 countries and is the biggest commercial hit for Jennifer Lopez till date. The video features JLO as the queen of a nightclub in an upmarket facility along with Pitbull. The atmosphere in the video alone is enough for you to leave your dormancy and get the sleeping dancer in your body out of the hibernation.

 The End:

So, here was our list of world’s Top 5 dance numbers. Add them to your playlists right now and let out the party animal in you! GROOVE AND MAKE YOUR MOVE!


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